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Jason W. Hutchinson - Web Developer - Résumé


Associate in Occupational Studies

Computer Programming and Web Development


Technical Skills

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Systems Support Manager

Sam's Club, Full Time

2012-Present Awards
  • 4th Quarter 2012 Associate of the Quarter

Business Process Analyst II

Walmart Stores, Inc, Full Time


Promoted for exemplary performance.

Team Development
  • Source Control
    • Researched source/version control options
    • Implemented installation of best available candidate option
    • Facilitated courses for learning new system
    • Oversaw deployment of several projects into new system
Application Development
  • Reports
    • Developed integrated HTML/Javascript reports capable of aggregating multiple data sources across a QuickBase realm. Completed reports in approximately half the time quoted by external QuickBase consultants.
Application Enhancement
  • Issue/Request Tracking System
    • Implementated notifications system to facilitate communication with the customer
    • Integrated conversation tracking so that communications are logged in the ticket
    • Opened up system to become more directly accessible by the customer
  • ArrisCAD
    • Integrated in-CAD project tracking with QuickBase for external data storage and project tracking

Business Process Analyst

Walmart Stores, Inc, Full Time

2007-2010 Application Development
  • Issue/Request Tracking System
    • Ticket Assignment
    • Prioritization
    • Categorization
    • Resolution Documentation
    • Metrics
    • Database Back-end
    • Email Integration
  • Shell Processor
    • Receives CAD drawings in AutoCAD format and translates them into Arris format
    • Cleans shell drawings by breaking blocks into component lines and standardizing layer names and numbers
    • Notifies appropriate CAD designers and their managers when shells relevant to their project arrive from consultants
  • QuickBase Perl SDK
    • Rewrote QuickBase Perl SDK from scratch to implement new API features and provide consistency in method names
    • Fully documented within the module
    • Documentation conforms to accepted Perl standards (POD format)
    • Written to be fully backward compatible
    • Currently undergoing code review by Intuit QuickBase to become their new official QuickBase Perl SDK

System Administration
  • Manage system and network permissions
  • Manage user account information and password resets
  • Submit software installation requests to packaging and deployment teams
  • Diagnose software and hardware issues, escalating critical issues to workstation solutions teams
  • Answer technical queries
  • Provide access to local database systems

  • March 2008 Manager of the Month
  • May 2008 Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Service

Web Developer

Elk River Computers, Full Time

2004-2006 Web Development
Site Maintenance
  • Elk River Computers company web site
  • McDonald County Internet and Telephone Service

Web Developer

Freelance, Part Time

Complete Sites
* Sites below were designed and coded by me
Designs Implemented
* Sites below were designed by someone else and coded by me
Greasemonkey Scripts
* The below scripts were coded as a hobby and are intended to be used with Greasemonkey for Firefox