Jason W. Hutchinson

Web Developer
Associate in Occupational Studies
Computer Programming and Web Development
Web Developer, Full Stack
Sam's Club

After presenting a plan outline for a company-wide web application ecosystem a new team was formed for the purpose of implementing that plan, and I was moved onto that team as a developer.

Job Roles and Accomplishments
  • Web Development, Back-end
    • Oversaw implementation of Laravel PHP framework.
    • Created OAuth-based custom authentication service for in-house application ecosystem.
    • Created API system to serve and receive departmental data.
  • Web Development, Front-end
    • Oversaw implementation of Bootstrap CSS framework.
    • Developed jQuery-based component framework to consume back-end departmental data API.
    • Implemented front-end customer-facing web site to interact with and audit departmental data.
  • Systems Development
    • Implemented a high-efficiency configurable data transfer system using Golang and Protocol Buffers.
  • Systems Administration
    • Oversaw provisioning of multiple cloud servers and software including:
      • Installation and configuration of CentOS and system user accounts.
      • Configuration of SSH connections and training of colleagues in its use.
      • Installation and configuration of NGINX webserver software.
      • Installation and configuration of PostgreSQL database software.
      • Installation and configuration of Gitlab source control repository software.
      • Implementation of server and application status monitoring and alerting.
      • Implementation of scheduled tasks including backups and log rotations.
    • Trained colleagues in the implementation of a selection of above tasks.
    • Trained colleagues in the use of SSH and related technologies in order to perform remote development.
    • Trained colleagues in the use of the git source control software and standardized a workflow.
  • Database Administration
    • Configured PostgreSQL database system-wide defaults.
    • Set up user and role accounts.
    • Standardized database architecture.
    • Implemented database migration from PostgreSQL version 9.3 to version 9.4 with no production system downtime.
    • Took advantage of several PostgreSQL-specific features including:
      • JSONB Data Types
      • Materialized Views
      • Table Partitions
      • PL/pgSQL Scripting
Systems Support Manager
Sam's Club

With my experience in Walmart's Store Layout department, I was a natural choice to help support the development of the newly established Club Space department at Sam's Club.

  • 4th Quarter 2012 Associate of the Quarter
Job Roles and Accomplishments
  • Database Administration
    • Architected Microsoft SQL Server-based database to collect data relevant to the department, marking the first time in Sam's Club history a detailed historical record was kept for that category of data.
  • Systems Development
    • Created a series of Perl scripts to facilitate communication between applications and the database server.
    • Perl scripts also responsible for generating aggregate JSON data dumps used by reports as relevant data is collected.
  • Web Development, Front-end
    • Interactive HTML reports created using the d3.js library to facilitate data exploration and search.
Business Process Analyst II
Walmart Stores, Inc

Promoted for exemplary performance.

Job Roles and Accomplishments
  • Team Development
    • Source Control
      • Researched source/version control options.
      • Implemented installation of best available candidate option.
      • Facilitated courses for learning new system.
      • Oversaw deployment of several projects into new system.
  • Application Development
    • Reports
      • Developed integrated HTML/Javascript reports capable of aggregating multiple data sources across a QuickBase realm. Completed reports in approximately half the time quoted by external QuickBase consultants.
  • Application Enhancement
    • Issue/Request Tracking System
      • Implementated notifications system to facilitate communication with the customer.
      • Integrated conversation tracking so that communications are logged in the ticket.
      • Opened up system to become more directly accessible by the customer.
    • ArrisCAD
      • Integrated in-CAD project tracking with QuickBase for external data storage and project tracking.
Business Process Analyst
Walmart Stores, Inc
2007-2010 Awards
  • March 2008 Manager of the Month
  • May 2008 Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Service
Job Roles and Accomplishments
  • Application Development
    • Issue/Request Tracking System
      • Ticket Assignment
      • Prioritization
      • Categorization
      • Resolution Documentation
      • Metrics
      • Database Back-end
      • Email Integration
    • Shell Processor
      • Receives CAD drawings in AutoCAD format and translates them into Arris format.
      • Cleans shell drawings by breaking blocks into component lines and standardizing layer names and numbers.
      • Notifies appropriate CAD designers and their managers when shells relevant to their project arrive from consultants.
    • QuickBase Perl SDK
      • Rewrote QuickBase Perl SDK from scratch to implement new API features and provide consistency in method names.
      • Fully documented within the module.
      • Documentation conforms to accepted Perl standards (POD format).
      • Written to be fully backward compatible.
      • Currently undergoing code review by Intuit QuickBase to become their new official QuickBase Perl SDK.
  • System Administration
    • Managed system and network permissions.
    • Managed user account information and password resets.
    • Submitted software installation requests to packaging and deployment teams.
    • Diagnosed software and hardware issues, escalating critical issues to workstation solutions teams.
    • Answered technical queries.
    • Provided access to local database systems.
Web Developer
Elk River Computers
2004-2006 Job Roles and Accomplishments
  • Web Development
    • Provided new site development services on behalf of the company.
  • Site Maintenance
    • Performed routine maintenance operations on the company web site and contracted customers.